Do Good Do YuraQ!

YuraQ Social and Environmental Responsibility

YuraQ is produced from the by-products from the manufacture of tagua blanks for buttons. This way, nothing goes to waste.

Do Good - Do Yuraq

Tagua nuts are produced by a palm that grows wild in the tropical forests of Ecuador. When ripe, the nuts fall naturally to the ground to be collected by thousands of people in local communities, as a means of livelihood. The use of YuraQ contributes to the conservation of these ecosystems and its biodiversity since the inhabitant of the forest can live on what it offers, generating a sustainable balance over time.

Subsequently, the nut is transformed by hundreds of artisans into tagua blanks for buttons. This is where the raw material for YuraQ is obtained. Most of the artisans who process the nut are women.

Microplastics and other synthetic products are destroying our oceans and our planet. YuraQ is not only an alternative to replace them but, at the same time, contributes to the forests where this resource grows wild to continue standing.

    Here a few characteristics of the Tagua palm:
  • Tagua palms are one of the largest producers of organic matter in tropical forests of Ecuador
  • Tagua palms have multiple biological interactions with pollinating insects, thousands of insects arrive during flowering time
  • Tagua palms have multiple biological interactions with wild forest animals, mainly rodents and small mammals
  • Tagua palms are an abundant and often dominant species in the structure of the tropical forest. For this reason, if we protect Tagua palms, we conserve the entire forest and its interactions
  • Due to the high production of organic material (big leaves, inflorescences and large infructescence), Tagua palms have a high rate of carbon fixation
  • Tagua is an important cultural element in the identity of Ecuadorians
Do Good - Do Yuraq
Do Good - Do Yuraq

An NGO FOREVER LUNG was created to protect tropical forests where tagua palms grow wild, by working together with communities & artisans. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment awarded this initiative with the “Green Initiative Prize” for promoting the rainforests conservation through a sustainable management of tagua.

FOREVER LUNG works with local universities to carry out forest restoration programs with native tagua palms, training communities in good forest management and conservation practices. It has acquired a land for conservation and research on tagua with the support of national and international researchers.

YuraQ is a planet-friendly sustainable product, a tool to defend forests, combat climate change, prevent global warming and reduce the carbon footprint of the cosmetic industry.

Do Good – Do YuraQ!