Cosmetic Product performance is based on 3 pillars:

  1. Safety: The protection of the consumer and its environment
  2. Efficacy: Bringing the performance that guarantees consumer satisfaction
  3. Sensory: Improving the consumer’s pleasure in the use of the product

The cosmetic industry is facing many challenges with regards to sustainability, whether via the focus on transparency and traceability in the ingredients supply chain, social impacts of the industry outputs or the needs for ‘green formulations’ which deliver efficient products by working with ingredients of renewable sources of natural origin. YuraQ is the perfect ingredient in this aspect!


Yuraq - Exfoliating Agent

Different YuraQ particle sizes provide distinct exfoliating properties. You can go from a soft to a hard exfoliating effect. This offers solutions for various end products, whether for the face or the body.

Exfoliating Agent

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YuraQ as PMMA-Replacer

Plastic and resin derivatives are performing ingredients for scrubbing, exfoliation or sensory enhancement in personal care and cosmetic products. Today’s challenge is to replace plastic ingredients by natural ones preserving nature. YuraQ is the perfect sensory enhancer and texturizing agent for skin care which can replace microbeads and particularly PMMA as one can see from the sensory profile below. YuraQ works better in an emulsion than PMMA; particularly in regard to smoothness and cushion effect. Its other sensory attributes are also superior.

Depending on its granulometry, YuraQ provides a wide scale of scrubbing and exfoliating particles that easily replace plastics and non-sustainable natural sources. The microparticles provide a pleasant texture and enhance formula touch improving film-forming, smoothness and the cushion effect without compromising spreadability or slipperiness. This brings a new way to formulate sustainably in cosmetics, maintaining or improving all the technical performances of standard, synthetic ingredients.

Sensory Enhancer, Texturising Agent and Whitening for Color and Skin Care Sensory Enhancer, Texturising Agent and Whitening for Color and Skin Care

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Yuraq - Product Insights

INCI: Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder

  • Vegan
  • No Animal Testing
  • GMO free
  • Free from Allergens
  • Exempt from REACH
  • Clean Label
  • Natrue approved
  • Cosmos approved
  • Closed-process plant
  • Compliance with Nagoya protocol
Product Insights