Why YuraQ

Why YuraQ? To save the rainforest? To provide income for the local community? To offer the only sustainable plant based white powder? To replace harmful products for the environment such as plastic and others? For sure yes to all questions!

Think of ingredients for cosmetics that are white, 100% natural and plant-based, you will soon come to the conclusion that do not exist: cellulose is not 100% natural, there are white ones but of mineral origin and synthetic such as TiO2, PMMA... etc.

Why Yuraq

However, in the rain forest of Ecuador, we found the tagua nut which when milled is absolutely white – natural, plant based! We branded the tagua nut YuraQ as it means “white” in the Ecuadorian indigenous language.

The nut is actually a seed, which makes it from the allergenic point of view even more interesting. The Palm grows wild and so far no plantations exist.

The formation of the seed is similar to coconut; the male flower pollen is transported by thousands of insects to the female´s where the Tagua Nut is born. In its tender state, the nut is liquid and can be drunk by humans, then, when it matures, becomes as hard as a rock and that is when it falls naturally to the ground to be collected by thousands of community members in the forest as a livelihood.

Because of its consistency, versatility and durability the luxury garment industry (Gucci, Burberry…etc.) uses the tagua nut as buttons to replace plastic. We go a step further and mill it to white fine powder – YuraQ! With the same aim to replace synthetic products in cosmetics.

Purely unique in its own way. It does not harm nature, it even grows wild, provides income to local communities & artisans, preserves the rainforest AND is white! The only sustainable way is the natural and plant based one! By using YuraQ you contribute to the conservation of tropical forests in Ecuador.

Why Yuraq

Do Good – Do YuraQ!